Wanna Get Played?

New Driven creates syndicated weekly shows that spotlight all-independent soft and hard rock, pop, acoustic, roots music and more!

We look for professional-level artists.  Music submitted to us must have been released within the past 8 months.  Our focus is to present to our audience not only the best independent music but the newest singles in order to stay current.


We serve as taste-makers to the listening community. Our audience knows they can look to us to find the newest music from the hottest emerging bands.

Criteria for airplay on New Driven shows:

  • Exceptional sound – head and shoulders above the crowd. Please submit in MP3 format, 1-3 of your most recent singles that have been released within the past 8 months.
  • Independent status – New Driven artists are professional-level, either making a full-time living from music or well on their way to that end.
  • Solid FacebookTwitter and other social media marketing strategy that is engaging their fan base on a consistent, daily basis
  • Robust touring schedule.

If that criteria is met, then email us at NewDriven@gmail.com and send 1 – 3 of your most recent, top singles, bio and links to facebook and twitter.



13 thoughts on “Wanna Get Played?

  1. Hi there,

    I was hoping to be considered for airplay but don’t meet the required criteria above e.g. I’m not working diligently towards being a full time musician nor do I have a robust touring schedule.

    I write and play Blues Rock music for film/tv licensing and have just signed a 10 track Publishing deal in the US – does this count?


  2. Hey Phillip!

    As you know, there is a ton of excellent independent rock out there. There is no way to facilitate it all, so we had to define specific guidelines for our shows. Even with our guidelines, we are inundated with more must than the shows can accommodate.

    New Driven is a platform to help get the work of artists who have a full-time career in music as their goal. We also only spin the newest and hottest singles from our bands, thus exposing our audience to the best in emerging hard and soft rock. Additionally, we have to be steadfast in the genre’s we play in order to produce cohesive shows.
    We would be happy to give your music a listen – send a couple MP3s to the address in the article above. If it isn’t a good fit for our shows, we might know of another show that would pick it up. Often the radio stations that spin our shows look to NEW DRIVEN for new bands – we might also be able to get you into rotation on one of the stations.



  3. Stealin’ is a rock band from Buffalo, New York we have been playing all our lives in rock clubs and venues, and have opened shows for Grand Funk, jackyl, Bret Michaels, etc. we meet all the criteria and would love for you to give our cd a listen. Stealin Buffalo on Facebook or follow us on twitter.

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