How To Leverage The Power of the Tribe

It’s the same old story that’s been repeated for decades upon decades. Bands work diligently to grow a fan base and get their music out there, but it’s a painstaking process. Social media seemed – and often is – the bright spot on the horizon, but it takes executing an effective marketing plan and lots of work.


The power of the collective has always held promise but finding an effective way to carry out such a project can be difficult. I am hoping that is about to change.

In my recent blog post: Stop Promoting Yourself, I wrote about how important it is that bands not fall into the rut of using social media as a one-way street, posting only about themselves. No one enjoys seeing posts that only announce the next gig. There is great benefit to bands who take the time to post, (often), about others. Why is this? People like selflessness. They respect those who put others before themselves. You benefit not only in appreciation from those you share information about but also in the way you audience perceives you.

Your time is limited. What with band practice, booking gigs, family life, work, shows and everything else you have going on in your life, there isn’t a lot of time left over for searching the web to find content about others to share on your bands social media sites. I wondered how I might help.

The power of community

The power of community

I spoke to my friend, Ryan, from Social Unidolphin about this issue. A musician himself, Ryan and I brainstormed a bit on the need in general for bands to have access to a larger fan base than just their own followers and also to have an easy way to obtain fresh content to post on social media.

What we have come up with will be a boon to all independent musicians and artists out there who are trying to be seen, heard and also be a part of a thriving music community.

We are piloting a new program that will group musicians into pods who will share each others posts.  We will monitor the program and make sure everyone carries their weight. As the program grows, the offerings will evolve and grow as well, adding new services.

For a very short time, we are accepting bands and artists into a PILOT Group. The cost for the program is just $5.00 per month – and that cost will never increase for PILOT Group members who remain in good standing. An initial 3-month commitment is required.

If you are interested in being part of this ground-breaking program that is sure to rock the independent music community, email us at: and we’ll check you out to see if you are a fit for the pilot program.  As of this writing, we have enough bands on board to launch our first pod and room is filling fast for the second group. This program has the opportunity to take your band to more places in lightning quick time. I am reticent to ever say such things. You all know that I am band-focused first and foremost. If I didn’t believe this was something positive for the music community, I wouldn’t be involved with it.

To inquire about being a part of the Pilot program or to ask questions, email us at


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