Get To Know Canadian Rockers YUCA

YUCA bandYUCA is a three-piece rock band from Langley, British Columbia that sounds like a five or six-member band. Their sound is so powerful; you will steadfastly believe that there have to be more members than just three comprising this killer band.

But, the truth is, YUCA is Matt Borck on guitar and lead vocals, Andy Boldt on bass and back-up vocals and Dave Atkinson on drums. These three deliver powerhouse stadium rock on an unparalleled level.

YUCA - Matt

Success seems to follow YUCA. Accolades include:

  • Chosen as a Top 20 Band in Western Canada for the 100.5FM Peak Performance Project, (out of a field of over 700 bands)
  • The song, “It’s About Something” awarded title of “Top 15 Rock Songs in the World” Competition
  • Numerous performances at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics including opening and closing ceremony performances
  • Song “Tomorrow” chosen for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 Vancouver Olympics 2010 video game
  • Pontiac Battle of the Bands winners at Whistler’s World TELUS World ski and Snowboard Festival
  • 99.3FM Vancouver SEEDS Platinum Award Winners, (Chosen from over 500 Bands in Western Canada)

I could go on, but you get the point.

This talented trio first crossed my path in early April when their publicist from Rising Empire Records contacted me. About half-way through reviewing their single, “Where Are My Soldiers At”, I was adding them into that week’s play list. The song took hold of me and I knew I was listening to a major hit. What I could not know at that time was “Where Are My Soldiers At” was about to become the most requested song on any New Driven show, ever.  Three months later, the song still holds that record.


In a recent conversation, lead singer Matt Borck told me he and his band mates all feel a sense of gratitude for the growth and popularity YUCA has experienced. He told me they feel honored to be able to share their music with the world.

In that vein, the band heads off on their first tour of Japan, June 19th. They’ll be playing shows throughout Japan including Okinawa, Numazu and Tokyo. Japanese audiences can expect YUCA to deliver their one-of-a-kind high energy performance at every stop along the tour.  The guys’ passion for the music as well as a deep desire to leave the audience wanting more is sure to set their Japanese audiences talking and requesting a return trip.

As soon as the band sets foot back in their native Canada, they’ll be opening the Canada Day celebration on July 1st. When I asked Borck when he sleeps he quipped, “I’ll sleep when I die.”­­­­ He understands the need to strike while the iron is hot and for YUCA, the iron has never been hotter.

YUCA has their feet firmly planted on the ground but hold fast to a solid vision for their future that includes a realistic plan of action. When they tour your area, I strongly encourage you to grab the opportunity to experience them live. You’ll be telling your grandchildren about it one day.

To listen to the complete interview with Matt, click on the image below:



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