The Low-Down, The 411 – All Things NEW DRIVEN

Not So Innocent

I’m not gonna lie.

I’m tired.  We’ve been going about 12 hours a day, full-force with NEW DRIVEN this summer. I’m pale as a ghost because I haven’t been out in the sun at all.  But that doesn’t matter. I don’t believe in sun tans. I believe in music. I believe in the gods of rock n roll.

Here is the account of all things NEW DRIVEN as of 12 August 2013:

  • NEW DRIVEN CRUISIN and NEW DRIVEN TORQUED are now heard on radio stations across the globe. The listening audience is insane and growing daily. I’m boggled by how many people are tuning in and rocking out.
  • I am now creating programming specifically for WROM RADIO in Detroit. I create five 1-hour blocks each week, using only NEW DRIVEN artists. The NEW DRIVEN ROCK BLOCK’s are heard throughout the week giving NEW DRIVEN artists much more exposure. Did You Know – WROM Radio gets about 500,000 unique listeners PER DAY?
  • Speaking of WROM RADIO – we are now in pre-production for an hourly weekly interview show on the station. I’ll be interviewing noted celebrities from the music industry as well as stellar independent bands. Look for a Fall 2013 launch.
  • I’m in no way an over-achiever, which is why we’re also launching a 2-hour weekly live talk-show on Gashouse Radio on Sunday, October 6th 6pm eastern time.  My pal, Ryan, (front man for Kalance Theory and owner of, will be my co-host. Look for general insanity, exceptional call-in interviews and killer music.  Anything less would be main stream.
  • What? You expected more! There’s only so many hours in the day!!!

Are you a NEW DRIVEN band? Then rejoice in what you’ve just read cuz you’re the reason for the season here at NEW DRIVEN. We do this to get the music OUT THERE. I don’t believe any radio show/promotion company offers the visibility we are working for and DELIVERING.

Are you a fan of independent rock? We believe people have a right to hear indie bands. We don’t think you should have to work hard to find great music. We’re plugged in to the pulse of the independent community so all you have to do is listen and enjoy, (and buy a song or two from time-to-time).

Peace, Luv and Indie Rock!


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