Wine, Whiskey, Women and Song

This post has nothing to do with alcohol. Or women.

Rocking the night away

It has to do with the concept many musicians have about their career and what it will be like when they reach “stardom”. It has to do with self-sabotage and why so many bands who are talented and have amazing music will not get to the level they dream of.

I hear people who work in the music community complain all the time about bands who don’t follow through on what they say or don’t grab opportunities that are handed to them. The lack of professionalism among the majority of bands out there is appalling. That’s right. I said, THE MAJORITY.

This is not to say there aren’t some incredibly awesome and professional bands in today’s music community. Thank goodness for them because otherwise working in this industry would be impossible. But let it be stated, loud and clear: being a professional band comprises far more than practicing, writing great songs and putting on a killer live show.

am I famous yet

The real work happens behind the scenes. If you are a musician with professional aspirations then do yourself a favor and begin reading up on entrepreneurship because that is exactly what you are – an entrepreneur.

I’ve heard lots of complaints over the years from other professionals in the music industry. Here’s mine. You say you want to make it big YET, when you are contacted for airplay or interview you, (or, sometimes, your representative) never respond. How do you think you will ever “be heard” without putting yourself out there? You know why you aren’t getting heard?  You’re busy writing your own epitaph.

For those bands who have publicists and managers and other “handlers”, you must make sure they are truly representing your best interests. About half of the people who never respond to my requests for an interview or air play are management-types. Many bands have no idea they aren’t being properly represented. But you should. It’s your job to know. It’s your career.

Take every opportunity to be seen and heard and don’t judge the audience size. A blogger with only a few readers might be exactly the place you are discovered by a big promoter. Be smart. Be everywhere you can. And answer your damn email.



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