Tell Your Fans You Go To Yale: Free Music-Related College Courses!


People say I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

I’m always learning new things.

I have my own way of designing my personalized syllabus and course of study. Then I dive in, and soak in all I can about a given subject until satiated.  This summer I was learning everything I could about being raw-vegan. I studied the biology, food interactions and healing benefits.  In the past I’ve studied things like organic gardening, stock market, world economics and astrology.

Through this quest for knowledge, I found COURSERA.  I began signing up for their free classes about 8 months ago.  I’ve taken courses in Gamification, The History of Rock n Roll and Social Psychology, among others.


This post is to let you know that there are loads of cool music-oriented college-level courses out there that you can take absolutely FREE!

Coursera is is just one of many web-sites that connect people hungry to learn more about a subject with awesome college courses. Currently, they are offering music-related courses in:

  • Fundamentals in rehearsing music ensembles
  • From The Repertoire: Western Music History Through Performance
  • Introduction To Programming For Musicians and Digital Artists
  • Introduction To Guitar
  • Songwriting
  • Introduction To Music Production
  • History of Rock
  • The Music of The Beatles
  • Survey of Music Technology
  • Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering:
  • Introduction To Digital Sound Design

..and MORE!

The courses are generally about 9 weeks in length. You can choose to take them FREE or sign up for a nominal cost, (sometimes as low as about $30), and get more interaction with the prof. If you’re taking courses through Coursera you will find that they don’t actually produce the courses. Instead, the courses come from major universities around the U.S.A. and world. Coursera acts as an umbrella that hosts these courses and organizes the students and faculty cohesively.

Other sites offering free college courses include:

If you have an interest in learning a new aspect of the music world, check out these on-line courses.  You’re never too old to learn something new or build upon the knowledge you already possess.  Other courses that might be of interest to those in the music industry are business, marketing, psychology and entrepreneurial courses. To take your business, (music), to the next level, arm yourself with all the knowledge you can get your hands on.  Why not? It’s FREE!



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