Millennials Don’t Buy. They SHARE. Marketing 2014


For most bands, selling music, merchandise and tickets is a primary function of the business end of the brand.  I don’t need to go into how challenging that can be and I won’t.  What I want to tackle is the unique opportunity that the Millennial or Generation Y demographic holds for bands.

This generation is noted for a number of things that are of importance to bands.  Number one is their tendency to be community minded. This community extends to the world as this is the generation who has always been plugged in to technology.  Their friends extend beyond borders and their community is the world.  They believe in making a difference.  They can be narcissistic but I argue that that is true of every age demographic.

Another interesting fact about Millennials is their musical taste is varied and wide. They tend to listen to a far wider range of music than other generations.  A great number of them absorb the music from various decades and genre’s in order to feel well-rounded musically.  This is important to them.

millenials_splashWhile this generation doesn’t have a problem dropping a lot of money on the newest technology, they aren’t necessarily spend-thrifts.  They may choose to hand over hundreds of dollars on a new IPad but most likely they won’t cough up .99 to download your new single. However, they are a force to be reckoned with in sharing what they like within their social circles.

Opportunity abounds for your band with this influential group.

Let’s look at each of the points above and examine how they can be a benefit to your music career.

First, Millennials are community-minded.  They see themselves as part of the collective – the whole.  As such, they like to interact with people from diverse backgrounds.  Second, they have liberal taste in music. In fact, most of the Millennials I know are fairly expert on an impressive range of music from the Beatles to The Black Keys.  And last, but in no way least, they share what they like with their entourage through social media.

Millennials hold the power to be your bands BEST brand ambassadors.  They know what they like and they take that and share it with their community.  They are the generation of viral marketing and they intrinsically know how to spread the message.  They may not be big on paying for music but they are HUGE in sharing bands they like and encouraging others to check out the music.

So, how do you make this work for your band?  First, Be REAL.  Millennials can smell a put-on a mile away.  They value sincerity.  If your music is quality, you will find a niche group of Millennials that love your sound.  Encourage them to share your information.  Incorporate social media into live events by asking your audience to take and share pictures and video clips from each show.  Give them the fuel they need to feed their desire to SHARE everything.  They want free music?  “Here you go…share our new album with the WORLD.  Let’s see who can get the most retweets of the link to download our music”.

millennials-360This is how you play in the sandbox with Generation Y.  Speak their language and use the same tools they use.  Have you ever seen a Millennial walk without texting?  Of course not.  It’s not possible for them to do anything without texting.  So make that work for you.

Creativity is key.  Make friends with the greatest marketing firm on the planet: the Millennial Generation.


Blurry – The New Reality of SEO and Why It Impacts Your Band

google seo Many bands have come to understand the importance of SEO to their music and careers.  SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), is that all-important and, often, all-too-evasive element that helps drive traffic to your website or social media via search.  If it has never occurred to you that SEO applies to bands just as much as it does to businesses, then read on!

The fact is, your band is a brand.  You are an entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter if  your focus is to get more paid gigs or drive a larger audience to a live event or to the purchase of a CD.  As an artist, you are very much a business person and thorough knowledge of good SEO practices should be your best friend.

The face of SEO is constantly changing.  Much is this is due to the ever-evolving algorithms of Google.  In the past there has been great emphasis on beating the system.  But the system grew smarter.  The new search engines are able to read your mind.  Not really.  But they can mimic signals that human beings consider to be accurate and reliable.  It can now figure out what information is beneficial to humans and what information has been carefully crafted specifically for Google’s bots. seo young guy

Increasingly, most people rely more on word of mouth from friends than advertising to make purchasing decisions.  Google’s system now can read those subtle differences in content.   It is said that Millennials are able to completely block online advertising out of their heads.  They don’t see or hear it.  Yet, this generation is also one of the strongest at sharing what they love with their friends – Word of Mouth. What might this mean for you?  Ask yourself, “is it more effective to bombard the internet with: COME TO OUR NEXT SHOW AT XYZ VENUE, or, spend the time developing real relationships with brand ambassadors who will share your next event with their tribe?

Is it more effective to post a mix of quality information and original posts than to only fill your wall with: OUR NEXT GIG IS 9PM SUNDAY AT ABC VENUE. You know you’ve seen the folks that use social media as a personal billboard.  It gets old. FAST. Remember that the word social implies relationship.  It takes time and much effort to build online relationships but the value is beyond measure. While building quality relationships with your audience gives any band value, in today’s new world of SEO, it adds a search bonus because Google and other algorithms are watching how many people are talking about YOU.  Everyone wants to hang out with the popular kids.  Even Google.

Here’s the take-away.  The lines of SEO have blurred. Search, social and P.R. are in bed together.  The key is to create great cross-channel content, use smart tags and spend plenty of time creating friendships that are not based upon shoving your information down others throats. This is great news because it means you can be creative, have fun and engage your audience in a natural way and not be so concerned about whether you’ve used every key word you came up with. I’m not saying the use of keywords isn’t important.  I am saying that those vital keywords often come up naturally as your write.  So be real. Making friends with SEO means creating great posts, video and tweets.  But it also means you get to be yourself.  Bands are now mini-marketing firms.  Bands are also filled with creative individuals.  So use that to your benefit.

seo world keyboardHere’s a couple simple and easy to implement ideas:

Why are you not using video as a fun and effective tool to connect to people?  Make, (short), and entertaining video invitations to your next gig.  Remember to fill in all the data YouTube allows in the information section.  Give the important details like time and place but also tell a story about the event.  Is it the drummers birthday?  Let the crowd know.  Nothing pertinent come to mind?  CREATE a story line around the show.  Make up a fairy tale.  Capture your audience with your creativity.  Make sure to include the URL’s, ( or, in the description.  Cross channel promotion is important to Google’s creepy crawlies. Share your video on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, your website and blog.  But be cool about it.  Don’t blast it out there.  Draw people to it by being engaging and unique. In today’s fast-paced internet, you have to be ever-present.  You have to focused on updating and reaching out.  Most importantly, you have to be real.  Because the great and powerful OZ is watching.

Remember Their Name! For YUCA The Time Is Now

You know how sometimes things begin to fall into place in such a way that you KNOW you’ve turned a corner and all your hard work is about to pay off?

YUCA, from Langley British Columbia appears to be entering something like that right now.

After a successful summer tour of Japan the trio are back in the island nation for ROCKTOBERFEST and a series of other venues.

The tour kicks off on October 11th and coincides with the release of their much anticipated new album, “Rebuilding The Fallen Empire“.

In our interview with frontman, Matt Borck, we discuss what’s important to the band both as musicians and in their personal life.  Find out who Matt wishes he could eavesdrop on.  Learn about their unique process for creating music and why being cool isn’t always all that cool.

YUCA is making it easy for fans to follow the tour of Japan through their social media.  Additionally, a camera crew is accompanying the band and documenting the entire trip!  Look forward to killer video when the guys return to North America.

We’ll have the entire band for a post-tour interview late October/early November.  Until then, click the image below for the complete interview with Matt!

Click the image below to enjoy the YOUTUBE podcast of the interview.

Rebuilding The Fallen Empire - new album by YUCA is available on October 11, 2013 at

Rebuilding The Fallen Empire – new album by YUCA is available on October 11, 2013 at

Tap Into Recurring Gigs to Build Better Tours

Guest post by: Jeri Goldstein of

Booking & Touring
Success Strategies & Secrets


Let’s now use a recurring gig as a touring pattern.
You know, in advance, many events, (professional & personal),
festivals and concert series that occur on a regularly basis
each year. If you begin to create a touring pattern around
a recurring event, then you may plan tours to surround
those event every year.

Touring Pattern # 4: Recurring Event Touring Pattern

1. Creates an Anchor Date with Regularity
Many events happen yearly. Conferences, festivals,
concert series, personal events like family reunions,
First Night Celebrations, college Home Coming concerts,
and many more. Plan around these events to help
future gig booking momentum and regular returns
to a specific market at a specific time of year.

2. Surround the Anchor Date with Gigs
Find events you would like to be part of and use
them as your anchor to surround with other tour dates.
By returning each year, your fan base grows regionally
and you develop yet another major market for yourself
to launch your Prosperity Touring Pattern.

I hope you begin to use this Recurring Event
Touring Pattern to build regionally in
the areas where that event takes place.

In a few days I’ll share the 5th Touring Pattern.

Now make a list of some of the recurring events you know
you might like to attend or play during the next two years.
Place them on a calendar so you can see them and
allow them to spark your booking ideas.
Some of these recurring events take time to plan for
or develop relationships with programmers to be
considered for a gig. Now that you have your list,
you can dive right in, do some research, see what
it will take to mark this recurring event on your calendar
as Confirmed.

I know you have gigs you would like to play,
this Recurring Event Touring Pattern gets you going
and keeps you ahead of the crowd.

Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets:

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Jeri Goldstein


Expand Your Audience, Build Loyal Fans

Booking & Touring
Success Strategies & Secrets


On Tuesday I shared a touring pattern
with you that you can use to build your
home base of support, build your audience,
and develop solid media relationship in your
town and those towns nearby. The Prosperity
Touring Pattern
also is designed to save
you money on travel expenses while you
begin to create a regional awareness.

Now I’d like to take the Prosperity Touring
to the next level. Using the Prosperity
Touring Pattern
as your template, the Expansion
Touring Pattern
helps you build out from
your home base and truly become a regional
act. But, the beauty of this template is that
you may select other markets further outside
your home base and create other solid bases
of support.

I used this method with my artists as we developed
solid bases and various parts of the country
where they had interest from some fans. So we
had something happening in the Northeast,
the Midwest, the Northwest and Central West coast.
In each area we used this base of support to start
another center-out expansion. As we moved out from
the center, we built another solid base regionally.

Check it out now!

Touring Pattern # 2: Expansion Touring Pattern

1. Use the Prosperity Touring Pattern as a Template
The beauty of this touring pattern is that you can use
it anywhere in the world that you want to build
a solid base or support. Focus on your various
choice markets. Then apply the concentric oval pattern.
Now you can see all the likely spots to include in
your ever-widening expansion.

2. Expand Outward
Once you’ve built a solid base in any market, widen your
pattern to increase the radius by 50, 100, 200 miles. The
wider you go within the radius, the more markets you’ll
include, yet the pattern still offers the same benefits
as does the Prosperity Touring Pattern. You are still
overlapping media, engaging fans so they can continue to
follow you or tell their friends in nearby towns and your
travel expenses still remain low, although you may
find it necessary to have housing expenses now and then.
The other benefit that comes into play now though, is
there is less wear and tear on you as your travel time
is shorter between gigs since your touring pattern is

3. Build Out by County, by State, by Region, by Country
And as your Expansion Touring Pattern continues to grow
and overlap, you begin to see something similar to raindrops
in a pond. Each drop reaches the edge of the next drop.
Audiences begin to overlap as you build new fans, media
begins to overlap as you reach new markets and the
awareness of your act begins to take solid roots to help
make bookings much easier. As the buzz grows within
each concentrated area, your leverage with bookers,
businesses, colleges and organizations increases.


I hope you begin to use this Touring Pattern
of Expansion to create tight pockets of fans
in multiple markets. By building a regional
loyal fan base, you have more options for
gigs in a tighter touring areas, you save money,
develop a regional reputation and begin
to get more gigs for higher fees. When the
media helps build the buzz and the fans keep
turning out, more bookers with be inclined
work with you.

Tomorrow I’ll share the 3rd Touring Pattern
which just may change the way you’ve been
booking gigs forever. It made a huge difference
in the way I booked my acts.

Check your touring plans now and see how
you can begin to put this Touring Pattern to
immediate use.

Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets

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Jeri Goldstein