Tell A Great Story: How To Turn The Media On To Your Music

Kevin Rowe

Kevin Rowe

Kevin Rowe relocated from his home in England to the United States with his guitar, a bag of clothes and his wife, Abbie. Within weeks he was being featured on t.v. and radio shows across the country and booking stand-out shows on multi-state tours.

His secret lay in the fact that people like a great story:

Hear What Kevin Learned Here


The Como Brothers Commercial For Canon Camera’s – New Driven Cameo!

New Driven is so proud for brothers Matt and Andrew Como.  The duo, who come from Long Island, NY, have recently garnered sponsorship with Canon. In a just-released commercial for Canon, the brothers are shown going through the process of creating a new single. We watch them writing the song and, finally, in the recording studio. In the background we hear “Late Nights”, the single The Como Brothers Band released during summer of 2013.



At the 46 second mark we see the guys pulling up Facebook on an Ipad. And what do they pull up? The New Driven page! Yep, New Driven gets a cameo on the Como Brother’s Canon commercial!

Thanks to Matt and Andrew!  We love you guys.



We had the pleasure of interview Matt and Andrew in July of 2013.  Click the image below to listen to the interview!

the como brothers are featured in canon fit commercial - new driven gets a cameo


Saying Goodbye To Cruisin and Torqued Shows

Sunset Riot-great news

One thing in life is certain. Everything changes. It’s inevitable. And, it’s a GOOD thing.

Here’s the theme song for this post by Mr. David Bowie: CHANGES. Play it in the background as you read this. It lends good ambiance.



Time does change everything. We are very excited about the changes coming to NEW DRIVEN.

Like the title of this post says, the CRUISIN and TORQUED shows are going away end of January.  They had their day.  They were fabulous in that they brought professional level indie rock to a new level and a new audience.  But evolution is in the air. They were, alas, just an opening act.

We are thrilled to announce two new shows to take the place of Cruisin and Torqued debuting February 3rd:

NEW DRIVEN REVOLUTION will take up where CRUISIN & TORQUED left off.  I’ll combine the music from both shows, (both soft and hard rock) into one show that also includes artist interviews from time to time.  The show will be syndicated.  It will be a 2-hour weekly show. Focus will be on new-release music.

NEW DRIVEN EXCESS will be a weekly, syndicated 2-hour show that plays like a live show. There will be a co-host, Ryan Keeton, front man of Kalance Theory, and various guests who pop in and out. All New Driven music will be featured on the show as well.

We’re looking to get the shows on more radio stations than ever before and to a far wider audience.

Lastly, this is only the beginning. There’s another big announcement coming your way soon.  Hold on to your socks.

Sherry Sabine Creator and Producer of the NEW DRIVEN shows.

Sherry Sabine
Creator and Producer of the NEW DRIVEN shows.

YUCA Stands Up And ROAR’s

We love it when bands let down their hair and have some fun.

Taking a short departure from their own, amazing original music, Vancouver, Canada band YUCA tries their hand at a popular Katy Perry song: ROAR.

We love the passion in this video – Matt gives the song his all and takes it new a new level.

Is that YUCA’s studio where they’re taping? Pretty impressive!



Dream It. Become It. How YUCA Became An Indie Power House


Sometimes Life takes control and grants you access to something special – a rare happening that makes you sit up and take note.

In 2013 NEW DRIVEN was graced with behind-the-scenes, up close and personal access to Canadian power rockers, YUCA.  We were able to follow the band on two tours of Japan, the launch of an uber-successful new album AND to take a very personal peek into the behind the scenes happenings.

In the following conversation with Matt Borck, frontman for the band, we learn the intimate details of what motivates the artist.  How does a successful band stay successful?

The smart band is always evolving and growing – yet remains connected to their audience in a very real way. It’s a dance, a symphony, and maybe a bit of a circus.  But, it’s never BORING.

Eavesdrop in on my last conversation of 2013 with Matt Borck.   “Revealing” doesn’t begin to describe this discussion.

Click Image to Listen In:

Yuca is NewMusic rock stars for January2014

The Importance of Relationship Building

networking 1

Natural networkers fascinate me. I love to watch them. They have some internal setting that just intrinsically wants to meet new people and learn all about them. They’re usually good at connecting folks too. While they’re speaking to you, they’re thinking about 10 other people they know that you should meet.

While I’m all for leveraging social networking to grow your brand, right now I’m talking about the all-important one-on-one, real-life networking. This doesn’t necessarily have to happen face-to-face, but we’re talking about actually speaking to another person, whether by skype, phone or in person.

We can all learn a lesson from natural networkers. Sure, we know we need to network but those with a bent toward introversion sometimes find it a difficult task. And, just about everyone gets lazy with networking from time-to-time, so here’s what’s important to remember:

First impressions count. It is vital you come across both relaxed and confident. A firm handshake and unwavering look in the eye will always give a good impression. Don’t try too hard. Just be you, but be your best version of you. Ask questions to learn about the person you are meeting. At the conclusion of the conversation, promise to keep in touch and then MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW UP with an email or phone call.

Stay in touch. This is the number one rule of networking and it’s key. Make sure to send a follow-up note after an initial meeting – plant a solid image of yourself in your contacts mind.

networking 2Keep good notes. It may seem like work but keeping excellent notes about those you connect with make it easy for you to remember birthdays and key events – all of which offer opportunities to stay in touch. Keep tract of your correspondence with each individual. Make notes of voice messages, email and phone conversations. The more details the better.

By remembering key points from a past conversation, you will impress with your excellent memory and retention. You never know when a connection will become a big opportunity so do your homework.

The music industry moves fast.  There are many, many bands out there. But few take the time to make an impression.  I can tell you first-hand that the few bands who have taken the time to send an email once in a while or a tweet – just to stay connected – are at the forefront of my mind.  I deal with 100’s of new bands each week.  Those who understand the need for connecting are generally the one’s who come to mind first when making referrals or looking for an artist to spotlight.

Use networking to grow your band in 2014.