Dream It. Become It. How YUCA Became An Indie Power House


Sometimes Life takes control and grants you access to something special – a rare happening that makes you sit up and take note.

In 2013 NEW DRIVEN was graced with behind-the-scenes, up close and personal access to Canadian power rockers, YUCA.  We were able to follow the band on two tours of Japan, the launch of an uber-successful new album AND to take a very personal peek into the behind the scenes happenings.

In the following conversation with Matt Borck, frontman for the band, we learn the intimate details of what motivates the artist.  How does a successful band stay successful?

The smart band is always evolving and growing – yet remains connected to their audience in a very real way. It’s a dance, a symphony, and maybe a bit of a circus.  But, it’s never BORING.

Eavesdrop in on my last conversation of 2013 with Matt Borck.   “Revealing” doesn’t begin to describe this discussion.

Click Image to Listen In:

Yuca is NewMusic rock stars for January2014

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