The New Driven YouTube Play List Show

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We’re always looking for new ways to help independent bands reach a larger audience.

Yesterday I found a really cool Tweet at @NewDriven from a new band to our show, Stillman.


The tweet got me thinking about something that had crossed my mind the week before while I was taping the EXCESS show – somehow doing a show segment that was based upon music video’s.
After mulling it over, this is what we’re going to do:
The EXCESS show will now feature a YouTube video playlist segment where we’ll spin the music based upon the playlists we create on YouTube.  Band interviews will be based on the video’s as well.  Our audience will have the opportunity to learn the back story to the video’s as well as get to know their favorite bands better.
We’ll be looking for professionally produced video with exceptional music. That doesn’t mean the video had to cost thousands of dollars to produce. It means it has to be a cool and interesting concept, (video), pulled off VERY well.
Click the FIND OUR SHOWS tab to find the radio stations that carry the EXCESS show.

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