New Driven EXCESS YouTube Play List Week 31 March 2014

This week is packed with all kinds of sweet stuff. The music is solid throughout the two hour show. The video’s are compelling. Make sure to tune in to the radio show version of this playlist – it can be heard all week in syndication:  See It.  Hear It.  Live It.

It’s all here, soft rock, acoustic, folk rock, alt rock, hard rock, stadium rock – you name it.  Best of the best.

Our featured interview this week is with Matt Borck, lead singer of Canadian band, YUCA.

Bands are listed in order of appearance below.









Artists appear on play list in same order in which they are featured on the New Driven EXCESS radio show:

Tom Moon

Water Liars

The Young Romans

Black Water Greed

The Vietnams

Naked Walrus

The Venetian

You vs. Me

Young Summer


The Vantage

Last Bullet

Stitched Up Heart

Hot Apostles

Before The Curtain

Static People

Nate Currin

Swear and Shake


Katherine Gazda

Jake Evans

Jesse Thomas


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