“Change” is The Best Word In The Dictionary


Change means growth.  It denotes moving forward and hints at an evolution that surely brings with it new things.  I always think change is for our best although it sometimes takes us a while to process and wrap our heads around.

New Driven is constantly changing as it morphs and grows and decides what it wants to be when it grows up.  

I’ve made the decision to broadcast my radio shows solely through JammerStream.com.  That decision was made because I feel that the JammerStream network is a quality network built by dedicated individuals with a large and growing audience. The awesome staff there archives all New Driven IMPACT shows so that people can catch them any time they want – this is a boon for all the bands New Driven presents to the world.  

I’ve always been blessed to know some of the most amazing people on earth.  Probably my best traits are that I draw out fascinating people to know and exchange idea’s with and I’m good at brainstorming. So, that said, I’m excited about the future going forward. 

For The Music,



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