Why Fans Don’t Fall In Love With Bands Anymore


Remember the days when a fan would discover a new band and fall head over heals in love with the music? I’m not talking about pre-teen girls swooning for the latest pre-packaged Disney incarnation.  I’m talking about a true LOVE for the music – purchasing the album, listening to it 900 times the first week, going to concerts, buying the t-shirt, telling your friends, all out love fest.

For some reason, that kind of dedication to a band is sadly, rare these days.

YUCA - Matt

In my recent conversation with Matt Borck, front man for Canadian stadium rockers, YUCA, we discuss what the problem might be.  Matt has a unique take on the solution, too!




The Most Meaningful Gift You Can Give

xmas pics 1

I don’t need to remind you that the gift-giving season is upon us! Many of us wrack our brains trying to find something unique and special for somebody that has “everything”.  It can be very frustrating and time consuming.

Finding a gift with true meaning that demonstrates to the recipient your feelings about them is hard to find.

But there is a gift that is so personal – so thoughtful that you will become the star of the gift-giving season just by giving it.

xmas pics 2Music by independent artists is by it’s very nature a rare and intimate gift.  You have to search out the bands which are sometimes rather elusive. You have to spend time reviewing the music and matching it to the person you are gifting.  You have to order the CD or or download the digital files.  It takes a little time and that is a precious commodity.

Giving independent music shows you care.  It demonstrates that you know and understand the likes of the person you are gifting.  You share a piece of who you are in the process.  Unique and thoughtful gifts are hard to come by.  Because of this they stand out, make a mark and leave a lasting impression.

I recently discussed this very topic with James Wilson from the MY RANDOM JUKEBOX blog.  He give me 3 bands that he recommended as great holiday gifts.  You can listen to our discussion HERE.xmas_pics_6

The bands James recommends are: Yellabird, Carousels and Limousines and Brother and Bones. We suggest you check them out. Each is unique and Better Than Mainstream.

Outstanding indie music is a way of life at NEW DRIVEN.  I highly recommend you check out our playlists here on this blog and listen to the music of our bands.  Those on the CRUISIN show offer the softer side of independent rock. TORQUED shows off kicked up indie music with a hard rock bent.  All are exceptional.  Here’s a handful to help you get your search started:

YUCA SLIDE 2YUCA – Canadian stadium rockers who are setting the world on fire. Positive and bold.


xmas scars 45 SCARS ON 45 – British sensation with a smooth, soft sound.



xmas grand splendid GRAND SPLENDID – Straight from Montreal to your heart. Uplifting songs in a soft rock style.



xmas pics 3HOLLIE LA – Dance music that will get your feet moving!




xmas milk carton kidsTHE MILK CARTON KIDS – Indie folk music from California.




3 YEARS HOLLOW – Kicked up hard rock from America’s heartland

xmas pics 4





BREE – Bree makes seductive hard rock with her flying V!

xmas pics 5






LEONA’S SISTER – Raspy, soulful rock. Lead singer J.T. sounds like she gargles broken glass. Sexy.xmas pics 7






MEMORY OF A MELODY – They’ll make you scream…with delight.

xmas pics 8




I’m not even scratching the surface.

The idea is – YOU know the individual you are gifting. When you take that knowledge and match it with an independent band you show how much you care and how well you know that person.  Gifts with REAL meaning are rare.  Make a lasting impression – give the gift of indie music.

Get To Know Canadian Rockers YUCA

YUCA bandYUCA is a three-piece rock band from Langley, British Columbia that sounds like a five or six-member band. Their sound is so powerful; you will steadfastly believe that there have to be more members than just three comprising this killer band.

But, the truth is, YUCA is Matt Borck on guitar and lead vocals, Andy Boldt on bass and back-up vocals and Dave Atkinson on drums. These three deliver powerhouse stadium rock on an unparalleled level.

YUCA - Matt

Success seems to follow YUCA. Accolades include:

  • Chosen as a Top 20 Band in Western Canada for the 100.5FM Peak Performance Project, (out of a field of over 700 bands)
  • The song, “It’s About Something” awarded title of “Top 15 Rock Songs in the World” Competition
  • Numerous performances at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics including opening and closing ceremony performances
  • Song “Tomorrow” chosen for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 Vancouver Olympics 2010 video game
  • Pontiac Battle of the Bands winners at Whistler’s World TELUS World ski and Snowboard Festival
  • 99.3FM Vancouver SEEDS Platinum Award Winners, (Chosen from over 500 Bands in Western Canada)

I could go on, but you get the point.

This talented trio first crossed my path in early April when their publicist from Rising Empire Records contacted me. About half-way through reviewing their single, “Where Are My Soldiers At”, I was adding them into that week’s play list. The song took hold of me and I knew I was listening to a major hit. What I could not know at that time was “Where Are My Soldiers At” was about to become the most requested song on any New Driven show, ever.  Three months later, the song still holds that record.


In a recent conversation, lead singer Matt Borck told me he and his band mates all feel a sense of gratitude for the growth and popularity YUCA has experienced. He told me they feel honored to be able to share their music with the world.

In that vein, the band heads off on their first tour of Japan, June 19th. They’ll be playing shows throughout Japan including Okinawa, Numazu and Tokyo. Japanese audiences can expect YUCA to deliver their one-of-a-kind high energy performance at every stop along the tour.  The guys’ passion for the music as well as a deep desire to leave the audience wanting more is sure to set their Japanese audiences talking and requesting a return trip.

As soon as the band sets foot back in their native Canada, they’ll be opening the Canada Day celebration on July 1st. When I asked Borck when he sleeps he quipped, “I’ll sleep when I die.”­­­­ He understands the need to strike while the iron is hot and for YUCA, the iron has never been hotter.

YUCA has their feet firmly planted on the ground but hold fast to a solid vision for their future that includes a realistic plan of action. When they tour your area, I strongly encourage you to grab the opportunity to experience them live. You’ll be telling your grandchildren about it one day.

To listen to the complete interview with Matt, click on the image below:


Twitter Releases Game Changer With #Music

I love_twitter

Need another reason to love Twitter?

The social media giant known for the 140 character post just released details about their latest service. This one is going to be a benefit to musicians everywhere.

The new application allows users to to play and share songs from services such as ITunes, Rdio and Spotify.

The recording industry has seen hard times in recent years. For local and independent bands, the internet has held the potential to connect with audiences that might otherwise be out of reach. A dedicated and smart social marketing plan has the potential to take a hard-working and gifted band to the next level at a faster pace than ever before.

But Twitter is now offering a FREE service that will enhance smart social marketing efforts.  Those quick on the draw will swiftly come up with creative ways to bring their music to the masses.

In a recent press release, Twitter states the app “uses Twitter activity, including Tweets and engagement, to detect and surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists. It also brings artists’ music-related Twitter activity front and center: go to their profiles to see which music artists they follow and listen to songs by those artists. And, of course, you can tweet songs right from the app”.

This is a game-changer and you can be sure New Driven will be exploiting it for the benefit of all New Driven bands.


The new service is called #Music and is available now for Iphone users in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.  Although Android users will have to wait a bit for the app, you can use the web version now.

How creative can you be with this new service? Let us know what you come up with!