Do It Right: How To Get Considered For Air Play on New Driven

Every day our email box is flooded with new contacts seeking air play on the New Driven shows. It excites us to see the way the shows have grown and the reach we now have both in bringing the BEST independent music to the PLANET and in crossing paths with new music industry professionals who have a keen understanding of the new landscape of the music industry.

However, there is often some confusion on how to submit music for consideration.

While I in no way can speak for the many other DJ’s out there and their rules of music submission, I can give you the issues at play with New Driven. I have a feeling that much of what I have to say will apply generally to most radio stations and DJ’s.

  • KNOW who we are – our format and what music we work with. Seriously. If you don’t take the time to find out what the radio show or station is all about, how do you know you are a fit – or even if you want to be associated with them. It’s frankly insulting to receive a genre of music that we don’t work with as it proves the sender hasn’t taken the time to know who we are. It makes you look unprofessional and out of touch with a most important part of your industry. Do Your Homework.
  • GIVE pertinent information in the initial email. I can’t tell you how many email I have received that must have been fired off haphazardly. They sound something like this: “hey, check out my band. Just Google our name: THE SHITHEADS….” You get the point. If you don’t have the time to paste your important links into an email, then I don’t have the time to respond to such an unprofessional communication.  What information do I want? I want to see your Facebook page, Twitter page and have a link to your music if I can’t stream it on Facebook. I’m not going to download music just to listen to it. I want a link to stream. I want to see how seriously you are taking your career, (thus the request for social media sites). There are many radio shows out there working with independent rock bands. New Driven works solely with bands who have the intent of making a living at their craft. They might not be ‘there’ yet but that is the goal. While we champion every bands path and whole heartedly believe that success is how you define it, we dedicate our work to bands with a full-time music career focus.  That doesn’t necessarily mean major label but it does mean that you understand your number one way to grow your audience is through the daily, consistent use of social media. Send us the links and we’ll listen to your sound. If we like it, we’ll look at how dedicated you are to your marketing campaign (big #s aren’t what we’re talking about here – quality and consistency is ).
  • If we feel you are a fit for the New Driven franchise, then you will not only receive consistent air play but you will also enjoy a decent dose of promo from us. As such, be the consummate star we know you are and make sure to help get word out about the New Driven shows to your fans and following. The more we grow, the more you’re heard and the faster the wheels turn in terms of your career. You’d be surprised how many bands forget to give back

We get several hundred contacts per week now. Make it easy on us! We’ll love ya for it!

Sherry, the New Driven CEO and DJ loves it when bands make the ‘courtship’ process EASY.