How To Be Smarter Than Everyone Else

A few weeks ago I interviewed a relatively new artist from Florida.  Her name is Meresha and her catchy single, “Fool Don’t Be” caught my attention.  She requested the MP3 of the interview and I sent it to her.  Then she blew my mind.

Within a week, she sent a return email that included a link to the video below. She turned a simple interview into a public relations tool AND made a huge impression on both New Driven and

Think outside the box. Think beyond yourself. Win the fight.

Click the image below for the video and make sure to catch what she does at the end!




Elm Treason: Uncomplicated

You Either Get It, Or You Don't

My love of music is right up there with my love/obsession with my garden, the Georgia Bulldogs and NASCAR. Any true music fan must admit that these days, good music is damn hard to come by. ReverbNation, SoundCloud, Twitter, and a host of other social media sites, in addition to these have made it such that any two bit hack that can strum a guitar and place their hair gel accordingly can get a following and a fan base rival to some minor league baseball teams. Suffice it to say, that for me to hear something I like, it means I have heard at least a hundred things that made me want to eat horseshit as opposed to hearing it for a second time.
I was trolling around on Twitter one day, as opposed to doing what I was supposed to be doing at work, and clicked on a link…

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