Who The Hell?

People wonder all the time – who the hell is behind this powerful machine of independent rock awesomeness?

We’re a team of Special Ops rock commando’s who scour the planet for the BEST – the most cutting-edge rock bands from across the country (USA) and around the world.

We don’t sleep. We rarely eat. We BREATHE rock n roll…it is the life blood in our veins. Sit back. We do the hard work for YOU. All you have to do is choose the bands that resonate most with you – and ENJOY.

She’s high maintenance, he’s steadfast. That’s the team that makes up NEW DRIVEN.

Sherry DJ of New Driven

Sherry is the CEO and DJ of this Independent Rock REVOLUTION. She is spoiled, stubborn and temperamental. If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to meet her. Her one redeeming quality is her love of the BEST of everything. Music is her life blood. She lives by the battle cry: “you can try, but you won’t be able to catch me. I’m faster than YOU!” It’s true. We tried.



3 thoughts on “Who The Hell?

  1. Thanks so much Sherry and Steve for including both my projects HILLS ROLLING “5 Years Ago” & WHISKEY CHILD “This Sux” on New Driven Cruisin!
    I truly appreciate it! Thanks so much yall and keep up the great work!

    Trey McGriff

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